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Daisyfield Mill

A Mill Worker

A Mill Worker

My name is Samuel Hamer I live at First Street opposite Daisyfield Mill with my mother and father, four brothers and five sisters. My youngest brother is just a baby, he's called Robert Peel Hamer, after the Prime Minister from Bury who died last year.

Me, my Dad, and my five older brothers and sisters all work at Daisyfield. The others are still at school. I'm 12 years old, I started work this year marking up cotton, I work 10 hours a day and a half day on Saturday. That's the new rules for women and children in the mill. We get a few days off in the year, at Christmas, Easter, Whit and at the end of August, but we don't get paid for them.

The Hutchinsons organise a day out at Whit for all the workforce, last year we went for a day out to Manchester on the new railway.