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To pot trout

To pot trout


  • trout
  • salt
  • white pepper
  • butter
  • mace
  • cloves



Cut off heads, tails and fins of the fish. Gut them & wipe them clean with a cloth, use no water. Roll each fish over in a dish of salt, & put a little inside. Put them in a basket or hamper that the salt may drain off. After 12 hours wipe off all the salt, rub some white pepper on each fish & put a little inside, then put them into a baking dish or tin side by side, cover well with butter, & bake in a slow oven till the bones are soft, - when they are done.

Pour off the butter open the fish and take out the bones. Mix some mace, fine cloves or any other spice to taste. Put a little inside each fish, close them & serve.